In Sand Hollow

Southern Utah has many great locations for ATV, UTV, Jeeps, and Dirt Bike riding. The Sand Hollow, Sand Mountain area OHV is incredibly beautiful, fun and exciting area to ride. Sand Mountain is an open riding area for ATV, UTV, Jeeps, and Dirt Bikes. The terrain is soft, sandy, and loaded with red dirt trails, sand whoops, washes, and several sand dunes up against the red cliffs. The Sand Mountain area is a large open riding area on top of the plateau. Sand Mountain provides 15,000 acres of perfectly sculpted dunes. At this location. You can experience a breath taking 360 degree view of Warner Valley, Sand Hollow, Quail reservoir, Zion National park, the Grand Canyon and St George. These trails offer some of the most scenic areas in the world. This is a must see if you are visiting the Southern Utah area!

Riding around the Sand Trails has its perks! There are lots of twist and turns, hills and valleys. The sand is course and heavy enabling it to settle quickly, causing little to no dust! Don’t get me wrong, you will get dirty! With all the little critters running around, you might get lucky and see rabbits, lizards, or the occasional hawk or owl on your adventure.

UTV Adventure Tours offers the Adventure Tour for a 2, 3 or 4 hr tour. The tour leaves from our shop on Washington dam rd. Washington, Utah. Only 15-20 minutes away from most hotels in and around the St. George area. You leave right from our shop. Drive down the road a 1 ½ miles to the staging area where we will drive up a river wash, up and over a small fault line then the climb up sand mountain, and into the dunes where we will play on the sand hills and visit some beautiful rock formations and see some spectacular views. We will head back down the west rim area that over looks St. George and Washington on one side and Sand Hollow Reservoir, Zion’s, and Kolob Mountain on the other side. Making our way back down the mountain is full of excitement. Especially down the chicken trail. With roller coaster twist, turns and finally dropping down the fingers trail! Hold on the rides not over yet! We still get to drive up and over the fault line and back down to the staging area, then down the road to the shop. Where you will be able to blow off some of the sand and dust you may have accumulated on your adventure. With cold waters and a clean rest room waiting!

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